Please observe the following rules of the Lakes;


  • Ensure all mats & nets are dry before commencing fishing
  • Use barbless hooks only
  • Use unhooking mat and landing net.
  • Use a disgorger

Do Not

  • Use bloodworm or jokers
  • Use oil based bait
  • Kill any fish or take away from the fishery
  • Commit any act which may cause pollution of the water
  • Commit any act which may interfere with or be a nuisance to any other person using the lakes
  • Cause any damage whatsoever to any tree, fence, hedge or to the banks of any lake


  • You must have a valid Rod License.
  • No Keepnets
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Dogs must be kept under strict control
  • No radios, fires or BBQ's at any time
  • Leave no litter
  • You must be within 4m of any rod in the water
  • Please pay bailiff in attendance on banks
  • Pike fishing from 1st October to 15th March

Pike anglers should also

  • Use 12Ib minimum breaking strain line
  • Traces 18" long and 20Ib wire (minimum)
  • Barbless or semi-barbed hooks
  • Forceps and long nose pliers

Night Fishing

  • Night fishing by prior arrangement
  • Maximum number of rods is 3 per person
  • Pay online or at Young Estates Office in advance
  • Please note gate closing times. If parking in the main or top car park your vehicle will be locked in. In an emergency, ring the number on the gates. The security company will let you out, but you will be required to pay a £30 call out fee before leaving
  • You may leave your car in the high vehicle car park outside of the gates. This is entirely at your own risk.

Vehicles must be parked in venue car parks only. No vehicle to be parked in surrounding areas. Vehicles are left entirely at the owner's risk. We accept no responsibility for any loss, or theft of personal items.

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