3lb Perch in Lake 2

By Seven Lakes Angling



Targeting Perch?  Try Lake 2, where Jimi Buckthorpe recently caught this 3lb Perch.  Can you better that?

Jimi Buckthorpe catches a 3lb Perch on Lake 2

New Personal Best for Trevor Nash

By Seven Lakes Angling



Congratulations to Trevor Nash, a Season Ticket holder at Seven Lakes Angling.

Fishing Lake 2 on Tuesday 12th November 2013, Trevor Caught this 2lb, 10oz Perch, which was a new Personal Best.

New Personal Best for Trevor Nash at 2lb 10oz from Lake 2.

Pike Season starts on Lake 1

By Seven Lakes Angling



4lb 12oz Pike on Lake 1 Sunday 7th Oct 2012

Pike fishing season started on 1st October and already Anthony Woodhouse has reported catching 3 lil jacks on Lake 1, on Sunday 7th October.

There has been an increase in enquiries about Pike, so we are happy to report the latest catches.

Pike are a delicate fish and must be returned to the lake as soon as possible once caught.

Best baits are deadbaits such as Mackerel or Lamprey Eel, but this one was caught by deadbaiting a small herring.

Happy fishing….