Lake 3 Magic – Sunday 14th September 2014

You will note that all of my recent fishing has been on Lake 6 when there is in fact 7 lakes to fish. The reason for this is Lake 6 has many features and is my favourite, although several people have suggested I only fish this lake because it’s next to the car park!

Therefore on Sunday I decided to try a different lake. I arrived at the lakes by 7.00 am (seriously!) and took a walk around the lakes before deciding where to fish. The weather was warm and overcast.

I settled on Lake 3, there were several carp cruising the surface and they appeared to be feeding. The lake is approximately 1 acre with a good head of carp including a few bigger fish.


This photo shows what a beautiful and peaceful lake this is surrounded by Paices Wood Country Parkland.


This photo shows the carp amongst the weed.

I decided to fish on the high sided bank despite us creating two new swims during a recent bailiff work party day. My swim of choice was overgrown and required me to cut down several plants before I could start fishing.

clip_image006                                   clip_image008


These photos show the swim I created and the steep bank that I had to negotiate. Getting into the swim was a struggle however, I wasn’t sure how I’d climb back up the bank later!

Once I was settled in the swim I decided to keep it simple and fish sweetcorn.



If there’s one bait that will catch good quality coarse fish month in month out it is sweetcorn. It’s one of fishing’s most useful baits due to its bright colour and sweet scent. It is a versatile bait in that it can be flavoured, coloured, fished on the hook, fished on a hair rig, and even mushed up to make a great groundbait.

I put several handfuls of sweetcorn over a small hole in the weed and fished 3 pieces of corn on a hair using a size 12 hook with a ½oz lead on a simple running rig, see below:


The bait was in the water approximately 30 seconds before the left hand rod screamed off. After a brief battle I was slipping the net under this mint common of around 6lbs.


The bites continued all day although I did lose a few in the thick weed. This was one of several that took a real liking to the sweetcorn.



I finished off with this beauty around 7lbs that put up a real scrap. In total I landed 10 carp and lost 6, all on sweetcorn. Not a bad days fishing!



It’s going to be a while before my next blog as I have to finish decorating our house (keep the wife happy and the lakes are being netted and surveyed. Check out the website for more information.

Good luck and tight lines…

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  1. Chris ClokeOctober 30, 2014 @ 6:00 pmReply

    Top work mate. Keep it up!

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