August 2014 – Back to the Carp

After my recent vacation it was time to catch some carp.

It was my intention to be at the lakes when the gates opened (7am) so I could enjoy the perfect conditions; however I decided to have a lie in and didn’t arrive until 10am!

Luckily the conditions were still ideal for carp, not too warm, a nice breeze and overcast.

I chose the pump house swim (Lake 6) again as it’s been my lucky spot so far this year and there was a decent breeze blowing into my face.

The strength of the wind is important. To a degree the stronger the wind blows the better the carp seem to feed. The stronger the wind the more food items will be pushed in the direction of the wind by the current. This is one of the reasons why fishing with the wind into your face can be more productive

The right rod was baited up with a robin red boillie and fished tight to the bushes. The left rod was fished in the middle with a cube of luncheon meat. I sat tight and waited for the bites to arrive, sadly this did not happen.

At 1pm my fellow bailiff Paul dropped off some carp pellets as part of the august promotion (fish 2 rods and get a free 1kg bag of pellets). At this point I was considering packing up however, I decided to test out the carp pellets! I chucked in 3/4 of a bag (sorry Roy) and fished a pellet on a bait band. Within 10 minutes the reel screamed off and after a brief battle I had a mint common in the net, see photo below.


Whilst waiting for the next bite I decided to use some hot water from my flask to break down some of the pellets to create a paste (a tip from a fellow angler). This also meant I sacrificed my last cup of tea, the things we’ll do to catch a fish!

I had 2 more carp using the bait band approach before attempting to mould the now soggy pellets to create a paste. This approach was messy and limited my casting ability however upon my 3rd cast (the first two ended up in the bushes!) the reel screamed off within 5 minutes and I had this common.


In total I had 4 carp using the pellets; sometimes a different approach is needed.

Don’t forget to ask for your free bag of pellets when fishing two rods at Seven Lakes Angling during August.

Good luck and tight lines.

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