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Targeting a big perch

After finally catching some carp in the last few weeks my confidence was back and I decided it was time to target another species: the perch.

My personal best was around 1lb (nothing to boast about) and it was time for that to change.

The conditions seemed perfect, it was warm but overcast.

Lake 6 was my chosen lake as several decent perch had been caught recently. The bait today was king prawns, this would hopefully eliminate the smaller perch and get me one of the monsters!

I fished on the bottom as although perch prey on smaller fish species, they are known primarily as bottom-feeders.

It was a slow and sleepy morning, especially after my subway breakfast!

Around 1pm the line tightened and then the reel screamed off. I hit the fish and instantly thought it must be a carp due to the initial speed of take. However, after a short battle I was pleasantly surprised to see a large perch appear on the surface.

I weighed the fish and the scales tipped at 3lbs, after allowing for the weight of the net I had a fish of over 2lbs.

I finally had a decent perch and a new personal best!

An added bonus was a decent photo (see below) thanks to regular angler Andy in the next swim who also heard me shouting as I landed the fish!

I’m off on holiday now for a few weeks so good luck with the fishing and tight lines.

Bell’s Blog – Targeting Perch