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By Seven Lakes Angling



Carping On – June 2014

This is my first blog of many hopefully!

After struggling to catch any carp the previous week due to the spawning (that’s my excuse!) I was hesitant about fishing on Sunday.

Having arrived at the lakes late morning to carry out my bailiff duties I was encouraged after speaking to a few of the anglers. Also the sun was shining so at worst I would get a nice tan!

I decided on Lake 6 as it’s my favourite and also closest to the main car park! The usual swims were taken so I plumped for the opposite bank next to the pump house. The carp were active all over the lake with encouraging signs of feeding.

I settled on using trusty spam as the carp love it this time of year. Both rods were free lined to keep things simple and not spook the fish. I varied the size of the cubes on each rod to target both the small and larger carp.

The first bite was within 5 minutes as the right hand rod screamed off. After a brief battle I was slipping the net under a fat common carp weighing just over 11lbs.

The fish continued to bite and in total I landed 6 in just over 3 hours fishing. The fish continued to feed as the sun dropped, a late evening session will be the order of the day next time.

The last fish of the day was one of the new stocked carp, a beautiful 4lb common in pristine condition (picture below).