Lake 7 Closed for Private Match

By Seven Lakes Angling




Lake 7 will be closed to the public this Saturday 13th October for a private match.

Please note all other lakes remain open for business as usual.

NEWS FLASH…..Man caught in Net at Seven Lakes Angling

By Seven Lakes Angling



Having recently netted both Lake 4 & 5, our Seine net was then hung to dry outside the company’s workshop.

Now, of course, we did do a Health & Safety assessment before we netted, but I’m sure in our risk assessment we overlooked the dangers of catching anything other than a few unlucky fish!  No where in our report did it mention the dangers of catching a man – ok, a cardboard cutout of a man!….I think there is something fishy going on here!

So who was the commedian who put that on there?  When I find him I will put him in his plaice!

News Flash – Man Caught in Net

Pike Season starts on Lake 1

By Seven Lakes Angling



4lb 12oz Pike on Lake 1 Sunday 7th Oct 2012

Pike fishing season started on 1st October and already Anthony Woodhouse has reported catching 3 lil jacks on Lake 1, on Sunday 7th October.

There has been an increase in enquiries about Pike, so we are happy to report the latest catches.

Pike are a delicate fish and must be returned to the lake as soon as possible once caught.

Best baits are deadbaits such as Mackerel or Lamprey Eel, but this one was caught by deadbaiting a small herring.

Happy fishing….

Catch Report from Lake 5 Project.

By Seven Lakes Angling



We pulled out some nice large Carp from Lake 5.  The largest of which was a Common at 14lb 7oz.  See the picture above.  These went into Lake 7 to add to our new Specimen Lake.  All the silverfish remain in Lake 5, apart from a couple of nice large Perch, which went into Lake 2. (unfortunately no pics of these sadly).  So if you want to go fishing for large Perch in Lake 2, we would love to see your pics.

Lake 4 produced a large number of Carp (mostly under 10lb) which all went into Lake 6.  All the silverfish went into Lake 5 and the Perch went into Lake 2.

Discussions will now turn to the stock needed for Lake 4 and what to do to increase the stocks in Lake 5, to create a match lake, with plenty of Silverfish for children to fish for.

This and other matters will be debated no doubt at the next bailiff meeting on Saturday 13th October.